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About Ribble HVAC

Working with Bacharach products, we aim to supply a one stop shop for all your HVAC needs. 


Based in a beautiful countryside location near historic Clitheroe,  the company has grown in stature through the provision of excellence - excellent service, excellent products and the building of strong customer relationships which brings customers back to us when equipment is required.

Our open and honest policy enables us to quote you the best prices with nothing hidden and no surprises.

If you want to buy  equipment or have equipment serviced, please call us for further information.


We offer a range of quality and innovative products for residential, commercial or industrial use:


  • Combustion and Emissions Analysers  - a great range of products for service engineers, contractors and technicians         
  • Leak Detectors  -  for  combustible and/or refrigerant gases
  • Monitors  -  single or multi zone monitors
  • Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Maintenance products - for refrigerant recovery, analysis and identification
  • Safety and Speciality Instruments for air quality measurement  -  for use in the home, food processing plants, horticulture,  medical gases and other clinical settings, supermarkets and cold stores